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[expand title=”Volunteer Recruiting”]

We are always looking for new volunteer firefighters and EMT’s. We accept applications from volunteers who live anywhere in Central Ohio. Come by our station during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and fill out an application. You can also print a copy from the link provided below.

Our department is a combination fire department which means we are staffed by both paid and volunteer individuals. We are always in need of great volunteers. If you reside within the Monroe Township Fire Department service area we may be able to provide you with the training to become a firefighter and EMT. Individuals who reside outside of our jurisdiction must already be trained or fund their own initial training.

Volunteers provide an extraordinary service to the community. The advantages for the volunteers and citizens are countless. Volunteers can provide a cost-effective service to the community which equates to a savings in tax dollars. Additionally, volunteers develop a sense of pride in serving the community and they learn valuable skills that can be used in many aspects of their lives.

As a volunteer you are expected to respond to fire and EMS calls. These responses will be during times that you schedule each month to be on station. All volunteers are asked to provide a minimum of 96 hours of service per month.

[expand title=”Inspections”]

Commercial Business Inspections

All commercial businesses within Monroe Township are inspected annually. We provide this as a service at no cost to you. By identifying potential threats in these commercial locations, we are mitigating the potential risk to business property, business employees, and patrons while complying with Ohio Fire Code regulations. All new commercial businesses within Monroe Township are required to file for a Building Permit with Licking County.

Home Inspections

Monroe Township Fire also offers home inspections at no cost to you. These inspections address the requirements by the State of Ohio if your home will be used to provide babysitting services, or if you plan on serving as a foster/adoption home.

Please call our fire station at (740) 967-2976 if you wish to schedule an in-home inspection.

[expand title=”Fire Prevention”]

Each year the Monroe Township Fire Department conducts on-site fire prevention and safety exercises at our area elementary schools. We provide students the opportunity to see the inside of a Medic transport vehicle, examine a firefighting truck and its associated equipment, and give students the opportunity to see a fire fighter in full protective gear including their SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus).

Students are lead through a stop-drop-and-roll exercises and taught the importance of staying low when exiting a house that has smoke. This fire prevention educational exercise has historically always been a big hit with the Johnstown Elementary students and faculty.

Fire Prevention Mission

To protect the lives and property of our citizens, visitors, and firefighters through effective code enforcement by reviewing land development and building plans; inspecting buildings, tenant processes, and fire and life safety protection systems; and evaluating public/private water systems for effective fire protection. [/quote]

    Currently, under the leadership of Chief Dudley Wright, the full-time staff and other personnel who are all certified State of Ohio Fire Safety Inspectors, are responsible for meeting three primary objectives:

  • Inspect occupancies according to state and local codes
  • Maintain a continuous correction for all fire code violations
  • Complete requested plan reviews within 10 working days

For More Information Contact:
Chief Dudley H. Wright
Monroe Township Fire Department
(740) 967-2976 Office

Watch this video to learn “What to do in an Emergency.”
Download: Rules for a Bonfire/Cooking Fire in Mentor

[expand title=”Safety Inspections”]

Home Inspection

The Monroe Township Fire Department can conduct residential fire inspections upon request. Download a sample home inspection form so that you can perform your own safety check to ensure that certain hazards are recognized before there’s a problem.

Business Inspection

Although the Monroe Township Fire Department conducts fire safety inspections of all businesses in Monroe Township, a sample business inspection form is available to allow businesses to perform a safety check of their own to ensure that certain hazards are recognized before there’s a problem. Download here.

[expand title=”Open Burn Rules and Regulations”]

Open burning is regulated by the Village of Johnstown within its corporate limits, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

As a basic rule, open burning is prohibited within the corporate limits of the Village of Johnstown and within 1000 feet of a residence in more rural areas. The burning of trash is always prohibited.

Additional information can be found at:

If you have specific questions that these documents are unable to answer feel free to contact our Business Line at (740) 967-2976.

[expand title=”Reflective address signs”]

Help us help you!

A trip down many of the local roads will show address/mailbox signs in varying states of disrepair. These range from weathered numbering, to missing numbers, to no numbers at all. We rely on your home being properly marked to provide for a quick response in the event of an emergency.

We have available for purchase reflective address signs that affix to your mailbox post. The cost of these signs is $12 and includes numbering on both sides of the sign. If you feel an update to your existing house numbering is in order, please stop by the station and place an order for later pickup. Due to the high number of signs that have been ordered and never picked up, we do require payment at the time of order.

Street numbers correctly and easily visible from the road can make a difference in the event of an emergency.

[expand title=”Why do you see trucks around town without Emergency Lights?”]

In any given week, fire apparatus and/or medic units will be out in the Johnstown community to conduct training or safety inspections. These trainings are essential to develop skills and confidence for new staff and provide continuing education for veteran staff. These training exercises provide fire department employees with the opportunity to use trucks and equipment in scenarios designed to reinforce existing standard operating procedures and protocols.

Without these trainings staff could potentially could go weeks without using specific pieces of equipment. By conducting these educational events, we stay sharp on the use of our equipment, understand the limitations of our trucks and tools, and educate new staff through hands-on drills. Through these exercises we enhance our ability to address your emergency with the utmost skill and competency.

So the next time you see our fire equipment out and about in the community, remember that the skill we are training on could be the very skill you need at your next emergency.


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