Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Recruiting

We are always looking for new volunteer firefighters and EMT’s. We accept applications from volunteers who live anywhere in Central Ohio.  Come by our station during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and fill out an application.  You can also print a copy from the link provided below.

Our department is a combination fire department which means we are staffed by both paid and volunteer individuals.  We are always in need of great volunteers.  If you reside within the Monroe Township Fire Department service area we may be able to provide you with the training to become a firefighter and EMT.  Individuals who reside outside of our jurisdiction must already be trained or fund their own initial training.

Volunteers provide an extraordinary service to the community. The advantages for the volunteers and citizens are countless.  Volunteers can provide a cost-effective service to the community which equates to a savings in tax dollars.   Additionally, volunteers develop a sense of pride in serving the community and they learn valuable skills that can be used in many aspects of their lives.

As a volunteer you are expected to respond to fire and EMS calls. These responses will be during times that you schedule each month to be on station.  All volunteers are asked to provide a minimum of 96 hours of service per month.

[blue_button_download link=”http://monroetownship.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Monroe-application-all-positions-2019.pdf”]Download Application[/blue_button_download]

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